The Donewell Motor Insurance policy is designed to take care of liabilities to third parties as well as your vehicle due to accidental damage, fire, theft and bodily injuries in accordance with the Third Parties Act 1958. It also includes a limited cover for Personal Accident benefit to the insured or his driver. Our Motor policy is available in 3 different levels. They are;
Third party only, Third party fire and theft and Comprehensive cover.
Comprehensive Cover
This policy gives the widest cover obtainable and indemnifies the insured against
  • Loss of or damage to the insured vehicle
  • Legal liability for the death of or bodily injury to third parties
  • Damage to third parties properties
Third Party Fire and Theft Cover
The company will indemnify the insured with respect to liability for
  • Death of or bodily injury to third parties
  • Damage to third party property
  • Theft or fire damage to insureds vehicle. [Call for clarification]
Third Party Liability Cover
The company will cover the Insureds liability to third parties for
  • Death of or bodily injuries
  • Damage to their properties
Our motor policy conforms to the minimum Third Party Property Damage limit of GHS 6,000.00 with an option to increase the limit.


The policy provides cover against Accidental Fire Outbreak, Lightning, Explosion caused by the domestic gas and water heaters, Flood, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Tornado, Windstorm, Riots, strikes and civil commotion, Aircraft and articles dropped there from, Impact damage and Burst pipes.


A personal accident policy is an annual policy that provides compensation for death, permanent disability, temporary total disablement and medical expenses arising from bodily injury which is caused by; external, visible and violent means.


Donewell provides cover in respect of Contract and Customs Bonds to meet the requirement of both Principals and Contractor/Suppliers. We underwrite the following Bonds: Bid bonds, Performance Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Retention Bonds and Customs Bonds.


This policy has been designed to provide cover for the risks faced by our clients who are involved in all forms of engineering projects. The contractors all risk policy covers; loss or damage to contract works, insured's plant and machinery and liability to third parties in respect of death, bodily injury or property damage.


The Donewell Home Protection Policy covers; Fire & Allied perils, Burglary, Personal accident for insured & domestic staff subject to a limit, personal liability to third parties subject to a limit.


This Policy pays compensation for bodily injury or disease arising out of and in the course of the employment of the employees and all costs and expenses incurred with the Company's consent in defending any claim for such compensation. Besides compensation for bodily injury, there is provision for payment of Medical Expenses as a result of the injury.


This is a type of fire policy that covers loss, damage or destruction to property of the insured by any accident or misfortune not excluded in the policy.


Protect your cargo, hull, machinery and terminals against damages or losses with our variety of Marine Insurance covers. We provide cover for; Marine Cargo, Aviation Cargo, Protection & Indemnity, Aviation Hull, Marine Hull and Passenger and General Liability.


This policy provides cover against liability to third parties in respect of accidental death and or bodily injury, as well as damage to property as a result of an activity in connection with your business.


Money Insurances covers loss of money being transported from one place to another. The policy can be extended to cover cash in a locked safe.


The policies cover unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from causes such as defects in casting and material, faulty designs or from any other causes not specifically excluded in a manner necessitating repair or replacement or cash payment whilst the machine is at work, at rest or being assembled.


This Policy provides indemnity to the insured against loss of or damage, whilst the property is in transit, is being loaded onto or unloaded from the vehicle caused by any accident or misfortune not excluded by this policy.


This policy is designed to compensate employers against loss of money or stock through fraud or dishonesty of their employees in the course of performing their duties.
The policy is beneficial for organizations with employees who handle cash on a regular basis. The policy indemnifies insured against financial losses:
-Committed by employees as a result of fraud
-When the fraud is detected during the period of insurance.
-When the employee has been prosecuted for fraud or there is evidence that the fraud was committed by the employee.

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